"The playwright succeeds in showing the universality of human nature, despite circumstances that are seemingly very different, and drawing us into exploring how we might behave if faced with their situations. Reconsidering Hanna(h) tells two good stories for the price of one, both of which will stay with you long after the curtain falls."


"A terrific piece by New Rep playwriting fellow Deirdre Girard, based on a real woman–her statue stands in Haverhill! Hanna(h) Duston was a pioneer settler who was abducted by Native Americans in 1697. By the time she escaped, there was blood on everyone’s hands, not the least of whose were those of the ax-wielding Hanna(h). The action of the play leaps forward in time to another Hanna(h)an investigative reporter whose husband has just died a violent death in the line of journalistic duty;  she has just been assigned the task of excavating the historical Hanna(h)’s story.."

                                               -Joyce's Choices

"At almost regular intervals throughout the play I internally projected the trajectory of the plot line. On each occasion I guessed wrong. Deirdre Girard, the playwright who authored this masterwork, has layered her production with multiple thematic motivations and deepening plot twists. That’s not to say that the play clutters itself with clever academic arguments. It doesn’t. On the contrary every movement of the plot adds to the dramatic force."
    -Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene

"Girard...is embarking on a second act as a playwright, and this complex work shows promise."

                                           -The Boston Globe