Reconsidering Hanna(h)


Little Jewel

A drama about love, isolation and celebrity that asks how far each of us would go to protect our children.  The Christina Experiment was developed during the Boston University MFA program and received a full workshop production at the 200 seat Firehouse Center for the Arts.

A fast paced gritty drama focused on issues of economic disparity, and infused with love, betrayal, mystery, and jazz. Developed during the BCA/Company One PlayLabs program. 

A drama with a hint of mystery that questions the truth of our historical and personal narratives, examines the dormant primitive instincts that can erupt in the hearts of individuals and cultures, and takes us on a journey across the centuries with two unflinching women who desperately seek their own salvation.  Reconsidering Hanna(h) was developed during the New Repertory New Voices Fellowship, and produced as a workshop production at Boston Playwright's Theatre.

A drama with romance and humor that examines the complex bonds that tie us to relationships, especially when those bonds are strained by unwelcome insights and desperate circumstances.  Widow's Walk was selected for two stage readings, one at the Monroe Center and the second as part of the warm-up laps for the Boston Theater Marathon.

A lighthearted drama with lots of laughs, dogs, sex and nudity.  Duplex takes on economic disparity and predators of all kinds— the ones we can live with and the ones we can’t.  Scenes from Duplex were read during the Writes at Play Showcase at Boston Playwright's Theatre.

For complete copies of all full-length plays:

The Christina Experiment

Widow's Walk